G’day USA: The Digeridoo and Australiana in California


At times, being an Aussie in the USA, you miss home 😦

So what a surprise to get a text message from an Aussie mate to check out a wonderful initiative that travels America called Digeridoo Down Under!

IMG_0134We travelled to the beautiful city of Atherton, CA and entered into one of the most mysterious places in the world,  The library, a place when fun, adventure, horror and fantasy is only a page away.  Today, our adventure was a visual one.  Rob and Tanya (pictured below) initiated the audience into a corroboree of Australian indigenous folklore, information and song.

IMG_0148The kids were enthralled with the didge….
IMG_0160Rob and Tanya encouraged many great messages ranging from environmental (see below), anti-bullying and respect for others.
IMG_0206 IMG_0212 Tanya Gerard, not only a talented performer, but also an author of The Adventures of the Wild Wild Wolf, fascinated and captured our imagination with her love for these great animals, that she couldn’t help but write about.  If you would like to purchase her book check out the link at the end. IMG_0217 IMG_0231I was humbled and impressed that this wonderful group is promoting such a sacred community, the indigenous people of Australia, throughout America.  I would encourage you to use them in your next junior school event!




Check out these websites:




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