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Visionary Inspirations Through Sibling Selfies

Happy National Sibling Day! My family have only just discovered What’s App in the last few weeks and there has been many a time where I have woken up to 68 messages+.  However, I LOVE hearing about what my crazy brothers are up to (there’s a long elaborate story to this – they aren’t all…


What a Mess!

Working with children is messy work.  No matter how much you encourage them to use a knife and fork or to ensure the food stays on their plate or mouth; it inevitably gets EVERYWHERE.  Here’s a video of my brother encouraging parents to use a new tactic in the war against cleaning up children’s mess.


Nay version 3.0 – The Amazing Race of Silicon Valley

Yesterday was my best friend Nay’s birthday.  And. She. Was.Turning. 30! Ohhhhh nooo… So in true best friend style I had been planning for months to make this the best 30th birthday she could imagine.  You only turn 30 once and it’s usually at this time of a woman’s life that the questions start to…


Jesus the Media Magnate

Who is Jesus to me? Before I can go into my interpretation of Jesus I need to give you a brief synopsis of my world context so the syntax of my ‘Jesus’ (I have put Jesus in quotation marks as I see this reflection as more of a response to life then just of my…